Who Can Have a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is preferred by people who experience hair loss, who have suffered from hair loss due to certain reasons or who have thinning hair.

So, are there any age restrictions in hair transplantation? Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied to any healthy individual who is experiencing hair thinning and shedding and wants to change this situation. In order for hair transplantation to be performed, there must be sufficient donor area. Sufficient and frequent donor area is the determining factor here.

Hair transplantation is divided into different methods in itself. Depending on the needs of the person, a choice is made among these methods. So, are there situations where hair transplantation cannot be performed?

Who cannot have a hair transplant?

Before hair transplantation is performed, necessary analyzes are performed on the person. Hair transplantation is not applied to people with chronic diseases such as heart, diabetes, liver failure, kidney failure.

Anyone who does not have any chronic diseases and wants to have hair transplantation with complaints such as thinning and shedding can have this procedure.

As The Hair Clinic family, we decide which method will be correct after taking the necessary tests from the person and perform our procedures with the motto of creating a perfect appearance.

If you are wondering what the most natural look will be for you, you can contact us!

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