Hair Transplantation in Women

Undoubtedly, hair thinning and loss is an undesirable condition in women as well as in men. However, it should be noted that there are various solutions.

Hair loss in women is different from hair loss in men. There are regional spills.

Hair loss in women occurs due to various factors. Hair loss in women can be experienced in situations such as stress, bad living conditions, wrong product use, hormones and pregnancy. There are also different types of treatment for thinning hair. These treatments can stop hair loss. In some cases, the hair no longer grows with the treatment or the hair loss becomes unstoppable.

At this point, women may also choose to have hair transplants. Hair transplantation can be performed if the person does not have any health problems and there is sufficient donor area.

Basically, the same methods are applied for female pattern hair transplantation. However, there are still some differences. The difference here is that there is no shaving in female hair transplantation. Techniques used in hair transplant treatment in women; FUE hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation methods. Both of these methods can be applied for both male and female hair transplantation.

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