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    Hair transplantation with the DHI method

    Hair transplantation with the DHI method, whose studies were started and foundations were laid as of 1970, is known as one of the most advanced hair transplantation methods used today. The method, which spread all over the world and became more popular in 2016, can be defined as one of the variations of hair transplantation with the FUE technique.

    Although the transplantation of hair follicles is different from the FUE technique; The graft collection phase is carried out in the same way. The most important privilege that the DHI method offers to patients; unshaven hair transplant opportunity…

    Another important feature which distinguishes the DHI method from other hair transplantation methods is; Choi Implanter used in root planting stage. Choi that resembles a pencil produced specifically for the method. This special apparatus, which causes the DHI method to be referred to as hair transplantation with the Choi method, is known as the most necessary detail of the application. With this method, more dense hair planting can be achieved in narrow hairless areas. Since the hair follicles are transplanted without delay that lets one to achieve a healthy result along with a high rate of success.


    The Hair Clinic offers 5-star accommodation and VIP transfer service to its guests who come for hair transplantation.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hair Transplantation in Women

    After all the hair of the patient is shortened to 3 mm in length, the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Loosened with a device called a micro motor, the grafts are collected with a tool similar to tweezers. The area to be transplanted is anesthetized and the insicions are made where the hair follicles to be inserted using blades. When collected, the grafts with some tissue pieces are separated from the tissue pieces and the remaining hair follicles are placed in the insicions. In the last stage, the donor area is closed by dressing.

    Unshaven Hair Transplantation

    As in standard hair transplantation, the popular method known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used in unshaven hair transplantation. In this method, the follicle removed from the nape area with millimetric special equipment are transfered to the area where to be transplanted. The biggest difference of the unshaven FUE method

    How long does hair transplantation last?

    Among the frequently asked questions about hair transplantation, the first is how long the operation will take. The duration of hair transplantation operations may vary depending on the number of grafts removed and the technique applied. Based on an average hair transplantation operation; it can be said that hair transplantation operations last vary between 6 and 8 hours.

    Where are the grafts used in hair transplantation removed from?

    The hair follicles placed in the area to be transplanted are the grafts belonging to the patient. It is not possible to use a hair follicle taken from someone else in hair transplantation. The grafts used are usually taken from the nape of the patient. In cases where the nape area is not sufficient, it is possible to make the chest or chin area a donor. However, the first choice is always the nape region.

    When and how does my hair grow?

    It will take about 3-6 months for your first hair to grow. We expect about 1 cm of growth per month after first hairs . The first hairs are dull, curly or wavy, thinner and wiry. The hair shines, thickens, takes its color and returns to its normal form in time.

    Who can have Hair Transplantation?

    First of all, it is determined whether there is a need for hair transplantation with the first examination. If the specialist dermatologist finds that the hair follicles are alive or that there is a temporary loss hair,
    will be sought solutions by the dermatoligist with treatments that will strengthen hair follicles. Hair transplantation is applied to ones who lose their hair due to age, hormones and familial heredity.

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    The Hair Clinic offers 5-star accommodation and VIP transfer service to its guests who come for hair transplantation.



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