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Hey there, 

Just wanted to share my hair transplant experience, which I barely decided on   I have never found it necessary to have a hair trasplant, but I always continued to research. Finally had a hair transplant and sharing my experience for those who are undecided. 

How did I decide to have a hair transplant? That is how it started;

Since I live in Turkey due to my job, got a chance to research about hundreds of hair transplant centers in Turkish forums and had the chance to review patient experiences. Most of these centers trasplanted hair to 30-40 patiens a day which I don’t think it’s possible to get a private service with such a circulation and density of people. I finally came across a more boutique hair transplant center that servers a maximum of 2 patients per day. I immediately contacted via whatsapp and Ahmet Tosun’s assistant replied to my questions very quickly and asked me to take photo the 4 sides of my head area in order to make a preliminary assessment. After 25-30 minutes, she said that the donor area of my hair looks suitable for hair trasplantation so she wanted to organize a face to face meeting with the top expert of the hair clinic Ahmet Tosun. We decided on the meeting day and 1 week later, I visited Mr Ahmet and we talked about my hair situation in detail and agreed for the hair transplant surgery.


Planning Phase

Operation Day 

I reached the center at 8 am. The friend working in the front office took me to the room where the operation was to be performed. Mr Ahmet and his team were waiting for me in the room. They greeted me with a smile and very energetic mood then I was taken to a room for pre-operation photography and final determination of my hairline. Here we decided on my hairline with Mr. Ahmet and his team and went back to the operation room. I put on my surgical gown and my vascular access was opened so that sedative drugs could be administered easily during the operation. Before the hair follicles in the donor area were removed, the area was anesthetized and the extraction began. During the operation, I was always asked about my feeling of pain and extra drugs were given in case of pain situation. After the hair follicles in the donor area were removed, we decided to have a break so that I could eat the meal that I had requested before the operation. The operation was continued after the meal. Mr. Ahmet opened the root canals of the area planned for hair transplantation. Then the team took over and started to fill the opened hair channels. The operation took about 7 hours in total.

The First wash after the operation was done on the 2nd day.

Final Words

I was extremely satisfied with the planning and operation processes. Mr. Ahmet and his team took care of me constantly after the operation. 10 days later, I’ll visit the hair transplantation center again for crusting and washing and will continue to update all of you. Based on my current experience, I’d strongly recommend Mr.Ahmet and his team for hair transplantation.

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